The Full Moon Med Fest is a party brand touring the Mediterranean countries.

It offers a memorable deep experience of the traditional Full Moon Party on a jungle beach. We celebrate music, summer, arts, colours, creativity with a simple formula, an event by the sea. The venue turns into an enchanted secret sea garden with tropical flowers and animals, hundreds of lianas, palm trees, inflatables. Among the green leaves on the dance floor, skilled fire spinners, entertain the party crowd into the break of dawn. Not only, water features, variety of cosy chillout zones, dedicated body painting corners, neon colours t-shirts stalls, Thai bucket cocktail bar. Nothing is too outrageous at the Full Moon Med Fest beach Jungle edition.

This is not just a party, it is actually meant to be a spectacle for cheer spirits, where the wild creatures of the night strut their wild side on the Jungle beach dance floor, play games, and become the essence of the show.

This is the event where people gathered in a strip of beach to party the glow of the moon will dance barefoot by the sea dressing your swimsuit and neon colors t-shirts. Only for one day the beach becomes a huge open-air rave.The musical/artistic slant has it owns hardcore on the House Music even though the spectrum of music is wider, new talents DJs, local labels and international headliners will be playing for 10 hours in a row.